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At herematch we love Event Producers and want to do everything in our power to help you succeed. How can we help? By enhancing the visibility of your Event to potential attendees before it happens and by increasing the value of your Event for your attendees when they participate.

Oh, and did we mention herematch is completely FREE? That's FREE for your attendees, and FREE for you!

enhancing visibility

Enhancing Visibility

Enhancing your visibility is easy with herematch. Just add your Events (or if you are a location manager, your Places) to our system. By doing so, herematch users will be able to find your Event when searching for upcoming Events at And, once added, Events will be included in weekly email blasts to our users.

But that's not all. You will receive added exposure whenever a herematch user Checks In at your Place or Event. Our users have the ability to easily link their herematch account with other services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. When those users Check In, their statuses on the linked services are automatically updated with information about the Check In, including the name of your Place or Event. So, not only do you get visibility in the herematch community, but you get visibility in front of your attendees online networks as well.

increasing value

Increasing the value of your Event is what we're all about. By encouraging your attendees to Check In with herematch, you are helping them generate more value at your Events. By Matching users at your Events, we're making it easier for them to meet the right people in the room. They meet the right people, they have a better chance of doing business. They have a better chance of doing business at an Event you produce, they are more likely to attend your future Events and if you are a membership organization, they are more likely to join and renew! It's that simple.

Increasing Value


You can get all of those benefits simply by joining herematch for FREE! But, at herematch we're always looking for stronger partnerships. What do we offer our Partners? Listing on our Partners page, highlighted Events in our email blasts, highlighted Events on our site, and support materials to help get the word out to existing and potential attendees.

Becoming a Partner is easy and, because we really are here to help, becoming a Partner is FREE! All that we ask is that you promote herematch to your attendees. How can you do this? Add a herematch badge to your site with a link back to us, throw us in your email template next to your other social media links, send an email blast out to your subscribers that you are a proud herematch Partner, include a small blurb and link to us in your email newsletter, emails about Events, and registration confirmations. Want to go the extra step? Invite us to speak at your next Event. That's all we ask. Send us a copy of your email or flyer or send us to your site to see the herematch badge. But, don't forget to include a copy of your logo and and a link to your site - Partner.

And, since we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the word out, feel free to download our sample Marketing Materials. We've put together badges, logos, email announcements, email blurbs, and flyers that you can use. Don't mess with the badge (we put a lot of thought into it and think the whole h flowing into the m thing is kind of cool), but edit the rest to fit in with how you market your Events.

Have another idea about how we can work together, let us know. Contact us at

Really, really want to pay us? All this FREE stuff keeping you up at night? OK, stop twisting our arm. Advertising opportunities are available on the herematch web site and iPhone and Android apps. Contact us at for more information.

And, thanks we really appreciate your support and literally cannot do it without you!

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